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Lindenwood Cemetery ‘17  AR Application for scoring physical spaces with Elemental Spark

Artlink: Why I Create '17  Short Documentary Series (Sound, Video, Editing)

The Adventures of Prince Achmed ‘17  

Original film score, performed live for Cinema Center’s Sound and Shadow series

Eternal Empire ‘16  Video game score, Ludum Dare Game Jam 36

Lizzy Shae Web Series ‘16  Music for series trailer

Man With a Movie Camera ‘16  Original score for reel 4 of film.  Performed live for Cinema Center’s Sound and Shadow series

Myles and the Nightlight ‘16  Music for GoFundMe video

Movie Madness Podcast ‘16  Intro music

My Pet Shisa ‘16  Score for animated short

Akemi & Tarou ‘16  Score for animated short in collaboration with Hope Arthur

Pablito ‘16  Score for short film, Ricardo Nagaoka (Paraguay)

Unexceptional ‘16  Score for short film in collaboration with Hope Arthur

Schriemoment ‘16  Collaboration with Mikautadze Dance Theatre and Hope Arthur, and Saitnkini (Austria)

The Core ‘16  Sound installation. Collaboration with Mikautadze Dance Theatre and Hope Arthur

Copula ‘15  Original sound installation, collaboration with Andrew Dubach (Sculptor)

Hunting For Mushrooms ‘15  Original performance art piece.  Sound on tape, film, written word

Out On the Cutting Edge by Mathew Scudder '15  Freelance Blackstone Audio Engineer, Read by Dan Butler

Calamity Town by Ellery Queen '14  Freelance Blackstone Audio Engineer, Read by George Waterhouse


Kurt Roembke is Space Owl!

Kurt is a classically trained musician who spends his time creating interactive, immersive art experiences in collaboration with visual and performing artists.  He is currently working on SoundWalk, an app that maps audio to physical space, allowing people to explore sound pieces as their body position directly controls elements of the piece.  He also makes his own video games, and composes music for other game developers.  On the side, Kurt also plays in several groups with his collaborating partner, Hope Arthur, including Silbo Gomero, Bloody Tambourine and the Musical Mafia, and Hope Arthur Orchestra.

He graduated from Indiana University/Purdue University Fort Wayne with a double major in both Classical Guitar Performance and Audio Recording Technology.