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Priceless Play - 22 December - Rock Paper Shotgun

Rock Paper Shotgun Article by Kat Brewster

An article about indie games focused on the theme of snowfall. Kat Brewster featured my Bitsy game called Enjoy The Snow, which explores my journey through making games and game music through the device of snowfall in Indiana.

SoundWalk (GPS AR Sound App) in the Journal Gazzette

Article Link

This article highlights my efforts to start up the SoundWalk app and how I started working with George Ironstrack of the Myaamia tribe to develop a sound experience for the resting place of their Chief Little Turtle in Fort Wayne, IN.

Innovation Profile in Business Weekly

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This article highlights how I started working with Artlink 212 and the Farnsworth Fund to get a business model developed for funding opportunities with SoundWalk.