Music for Video Games


Glö Phlox

A top down twin stick shooter in a deep interconnected metroidvania world. Explore a unique narrative-based experience with easy to learn combat that’s difficult to master.

Developed by Justin Sennema and Eduardo Brasil

Music and SFX by Space Owl!



I’m developing this game alongside its visual artist, En Hughey.

It’s a radio simulator game about friendship and environmental consequences. I’m directing, writing, programming, and doing sound and music scoring of the game.

S.A.S.S. - Starbeard’s Asteroid Space Simulator

I did the music for this Ludum Dare 44 submission, developed by Troll Games, my 4th collaboration with them.

Audio got 197th Place out of all the games!

The music emulates the sound of old epic string/horn scores for Sega Genesis era games. I consider this to be my most successful jam score to date, as the music fits the game well and also stands alone. I also didn’t go overboard and make too much music. Just the right amount!

One Hour Game Jam

This was my first time implementing my sound and music into a game through FMOD.  I also did all of the sound coding.  The game was made by my friend, who I met on Train Jam 2018, Steppen Hugo.  I also scored his game called Odogsey which can be found a few posts below this one.

The music for this game is actually controlled by game mechanics.  Each instrument of the piece is tied to an "Element" flying toward the player ship in game.  The number of each element on screen actually impacts the complexity of the music heard.  This was a fun experiment and a great way to get the feel for integrating FMOD into a Unity game.

Ludum Dare 41

I very quickly made a game music loop, win music, lose music, and a title screen piece for this Ludum Dare 41 game.  I worked with Troll Games, before, on Down The Rabbit Hole.  They are always great to work with and their games are always ridiculously polished for game jam games.

Audio got 69th Place out of all the games!

Train Jam 2018!

I made music for many different games on an Amtrak train from Chicago to the GDC in San Francisco.  The whole train was filled with game devs of all levels of discipline, making games all the way.  Here is a small collection of songs from 2 of the games; Odogsey and Finding Planet Earth.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 9.32.20 AM.png

Hangup At A Small Town Toll Booth

Game Design, Art, and Music by Space Owl!

Story Written by John Jack Cantey.

Made in Bitys Game Creator


The Fox And The Moon by Hazel Rah

A short game poem that Hazel Rah made.  I really appreciated the quiet patience of the game, so I composed some music to accompany it.


Bee Garden - Digital Art Installation:

This is was painted by Alyssa Deck using Google Tilt Brush at Artlink Contemporary Gallery in Fort Wayne, IN.  I developed it for Unity with the Google Tilt Brush SDK and also composed the music.  Kevin Brooks did the coding.  We hope to do more of these. 

Download the full game at for full audio interactivity. 

Down the Rabbit Hole

Ludum Dare 38 game jam submission by Troll Games.

Audio got 49th Place out of all the games!

Music composed and recorded, sfx production

Instructions:  Use your left 2 play cards to move to the door while capturing/avoiding bunnies.  Check their move cards (the right two) to make sure they can't attack you on their next turn.  If a level doesn't have a door, capture all of the bunnies to complete it.

eternal empire.jpg

Eternal Empire

Ludum Dare game jam submission by OskarDevelopment.

Music Composed, and Recorded


Global Game Jam submission by a team at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Music composed and recorded
Produced Sound Effects